This Agreement is valid from 2013-04-04


  • §1. General

  • §2. Orders

  • §3. Prices & Fees

  • §4. Products & Range

  • §5. Payment

  • §6. Complience

  • §7. Delivery

  • §8. Withdrawl of order & Returns

  • §9. Complaint & Guarantee

  • §10. Returns

  • §11. Disclaimers

  • §12. Discharge

  • §13. Personal information & Privacy Policy

  • §14. Other

§1. General

The following Terms & Conditions (”Agreement” as below) apply to all orders placed by the client through our website. With Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) (Registration number: 556751-8773) as the selling part. And You, (”client” as below), as the buying part. These Terms & Conditions apply on orders placed by someone 18 years old or older and to business representatives based in Sweden and on sales comprising merchandise (products as below). Place your order easily on Xiko.se or via e mail.

For clarity the date in the page header applies. If the Terms & Conditions in this Agreement were to be changed there will also be an end date stated. If an end date is stated the Agreement is valid until midnight on the day the Agreement is no longer valid. When placing an order You as a client will be asked to accept these Terms & Conditions.

If the Terms & Conditions or parts of this Agreement is in conflict with coercive legislations it will cease to apply if they are not beneficial to the client. This will only apply if the client is an individual or if the attempt of the purchase is of strictly private character.


§2. Orders

You can easily place your order on xiko.se/xikoart. We offer secure methods of payment and deliveries. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) will register your order when you push ”buy” during checkout, (step 1 out of 1). When Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) has received your order a “Confirmation” email will be sent to the email you used for placing your order. If agreed on before Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) will allow orders to be placed via email on: info@xiko.se. For an even easier way to place an order we offer our clients the possibility to order as a Guest where no log in is necessary.

When you make your order payment or when an invoice is created (when ordering via email) this Agreement starts to apply. For more information regarding different Payment Methods and questions regarding this see §5. Payment as below. If for some reason Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) is unable to deliver your order we will contact you immediately. Should this occur we will offer a solution if possible. When you accept our suggested solution this Agreement is valid.  


§3. Prices & Fees


Prices are in Swedish crowns (SEK) including VAT according to valid tax rate. If VAT applies to the purchase 25% will be added on the sales price.

Offerings and promotions on xiko.se is valid as long as the stock lasts and if no other conditions are stated in connection with the offer.



§4. Products & Range

All products offered at xiko.se are adapted for use on the Swedish market. This means that the products meet Swedish environmental and safety regulations.

Color reproduction on product images

The product photos shown on xiko.se shall render the product color and other characteristics as faithful as possible. Because color can vary depending on the type of monitor you as a client use, we can not guarantee that the products' colors accurately reflect the colors you experience on your screen.


§5. Payment


Card payment via Paypal
Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) offers card payments via our payment partner PayPal who are certified by the PCI DSS certification. Your card details are transmitted and stored securely in an encrypted form. The card will be charged when the client completes the order. Card payment is possible with the following card types:



§6. Compliance

Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) completes this Agreement when your order has been paid for. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) has fulfilled its part of the Agreement when you have received the full delivery of ordered products. You, the client has fulfilled your part of the Agreement when you have made the adequate payment and have received the delivery of products ordered in the manner agreed.



§7. Delivery

Products are delivered directly to the address you provided when ordering and in cooperation with logistics partners. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) send orders during weekdays.

Stock status indicates if the product is in stock at time of order. General delivery times is listed below. If the order includes products with different delivery status the delivery time will be the same as for the product with the longest delivery status. 

Shipping fee:

Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) offers free delivery (within Sweden) no matter what you order. Shipping costs (including customs duties) is added on orders placed outside of Sweden.

Delivery time:

Paket Privatperson in collaboration with Posten

Paket Privatperson is delivered within 3-4 weeks weekdays from the date the order was sent from Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) 's stock. You will be notified when you can pick up the package from your agent. If you select SMS notification, you will be notified when the item can be picked up from the agent. Paket Privatperson must be picked up within 14 days from the notification date. Shipments that is not picked up will be returned to Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO).

International shipping

All international shipping (outside Sweden) is done by UPS or equivalent. Cost of shipping is automatically added to the purchase price at the time of payment. Any duties will be paid directly by the client.

Delivery Delay

If you have entered this Agreement as an individual, you always have the right to cancel the contract at no cost if the delivery delay is essential to you.

Business package in cooperation with Posten or UPS

Transport Risk

The risk of consignment transfers to you as a client when it has been delivered to you. This means that Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) is responsible for the transport risk until the shipment has reached you.



§8. Withdrawl of order & Returns


Withdrawl of order

Clients who enters into this Agreement as an individual has the right to withdraw (cancel) the contract in accordance with the Distance Selling Act (2005: 59) as long as it applies to products in the basic design. The right of withdrawal is not applicable on products that are custom-made and has extensions to the basic model, such as drilled holes, plexi frame around the picture, etc. The right is also not applicable for clients who has entered into this Agreement as a trader. The right applies for 14 days (withdrawal period), the time is counted from the date You, the client have received the shipment. For the right of withdrawal to apply, the products that comprise the order has to be returned in its original condition. That means you may not use the products to a greater extent than needed to be able to examine them. Under current law, You as a client after regretting your purchase must return the products in the order to Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) and bear the cost of the return shipping. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) always has the right to offer the client more generous terms than what current law provides.

When returned products reaches Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO), Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) will refund what you have paid within 30 days. Should you as a client return fewer products than the order included you will only be refunded for the returned products.

If the purchase relates to a service whose performance commenced with the consent of the withdrawal period (14 days) the service is exempt from the provisions on withdrawal. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) always claims your consent and inform you when the performance begins when ordering services that are exempt from the right of withdrawal.

Some products are excluded from the right of withdrawal under the Distance Selling Act (2005: 59):

-Products Made or altered specifically to the clients request or that has otherwise received a special touch.

Contact information
Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO ART)
Scheelegatan 11
E-post: info@xiko.se


Return of Products

See §10. Returns below for details on the return procedure for returning products.


§9. Complaint & Guarantee


The right to complaint

Clients who bought a product as an individual has the right to return the product if it is incorrect according to Consumer Services Act (1990: 932) together with the Consumer Services Act (1985: 716). The warranty covers original defects and is valid for 3 years from the date the product was in your possession. The warranty covers defects that arise during the transportation of the product to you. (See Complaint of shipping damage below). A product that differs from what has been agreed between you and Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) or has other defects can also be regarded as incorrect. Errors caused by the damage you have caused does not count as original defects.

If you complain about a defect product after 6 months from the date from when the product was in your possession, you also have the responsibility to demonstrate that the defect was originally there. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) always recommend testing of products when they are delivered and that any errors are reported as soon as it is discovered. At the complaint of defective product, the clients primary right is to get the default rectified, or to get a flawless product. In some cases, you also have the right to cancel the contract and recover what you paid. For approved claims, you should not be held liable for any costs arising from the complaint. As an example, the cost of returning a faulty product is covered by Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO). Note that you as a client to the highest extent possible should minimize any costs incurred in the event that a product is found to be incorrect.

Contact information regarding complaints 
E-post: info@xiko.se.

Complaints Terms for traders
If a product deviates from what has been agreed between the client and Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) or in some other way exhibit defects that Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) is responsible for, the client is entitled to at first rectify the fault and secondly to get the product exchanged on Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) 's expense. Right to a complaint applies only if the error is original. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) 's liability is limited to the value of the defective product. Defects in the product must be notified within 20 days of delivery by contacting Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) via email at info@xiko.se.

Special conditions for traders:

-Eventual damage or expense resulting from improper product will not be replaced by Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO).

-The client must demonstrate that the error is original.

-Eventual assembly of the product must not have been made after the error was noticed.

Return regarding complaints



§10. Returns

When returning products or materials to Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO), products must be packaged in such a way that they are protected during transport. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) therefore recommend that you always package the product in the same manner and with the same / similar packaging as when the products were delivered to you. In case you wrapped or packaged products in a substandard manner, and the product is damaged during transportation to Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) you as a client are responsible for the damage.

Upon the return of products to Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO), the client is responsible for the products to reach Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) undamaged. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) recommend that clients use traceable shipping on return.





Return address:


Scheelegatan 11




We will refund your money no later than 30 days after the right of withdrawal or repayment has been decided on in a complaint case.



§11. Disclaimers

Retention of title

All products are tainted with retention until the client has fulfilled its obligations under this Agreement. This means that title passes to the client when the client fulfills its obligations under the Agreement. The client therefore has no right to consume, use, sell, or otherwise take any action before ownership has passed to the client that prevents the products can be taken back by Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO).

Rescission of title

Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) reserves the right to cancel the contract in the event the client acted in bad faith because of the errors that the client knew or should have known, such as false information about price or quantity on Xiko.se. In the event of cancellation the reservation is sought, the client has no right to damages or other compensation from Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO).

Change Reservation

Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) reserves the right to change the contents at Xiko.se without further notice, which include, but are not limited to, supply, prices and promotions. Such changes, however, affect not existing contracts between Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) and client.

Liability Disclaimers

Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) shall be deemed exempt from any obligations under this Agreement if liability would otherwise have occurred because of an event beyond this Agreement, Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) activities or as otherwise provided by mandatory law.



§12. Discharge



In the event of government action or omission, new legislation, labor conflict, war or threat of war, greater disturbance of public order, sabotage, extreme weather, fire, explosion, natural disaster, accident or other circumstances beyond Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) 's control and that Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) could not reasonably have overcome or anticipate Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) will have the right to withdraw from its obligations under this Agreement. In such event, the Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) are not be liable for damage that the client had.

Subject to tax and fee changes

In major tax or fee changes, which are of great importance for the conditions of this Agreement, Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) has the right to terminate the contract. In such event, the client is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO).

Reservation for late delivery outside Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) 's control.

Is there a delay in delivery due to events beyond Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) 's control, Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) shall not be held liable for damage resulting from such delay in delivery. In such event, the client is not entitled to damages or other compensation from Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) unless otherwise agreed by the Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) and the client or if permitted by law.



§13. Personal information & Privacy Policy

Information such as personal data or other information or part of a document provided by the client to Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) will be stored and processed in a digital format. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) is responsible for the data stored and processed in unity with the Data Protection Act. Client data will be used by Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) to enable and ensure the fulfillment of the Agreement and for promotional purposes by the company.


Responsible for Personal Data:

Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) (Org. 556751-8773)

Scheelegatan 11


Client data stored:




-Phone number

-Social security number

-Registration number

-Purchase history at Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO)

The information may also be disclosed to third parties, and used for the purposes set out below:

- Partner in payment services in order to ensure fulfillment of the Agreement.

- Partner in logistics (carrier) in order to ensure fulfillment of the Agreement.

- Marketing partner hired by Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) for marketing purposes.


Official transcript:

If you as a client entered into this Agreement as an individual, you are entitled to an annual free ask out of register. The records indicate the information stored about you. You must request this by sending a signed request to the above address. If the information we have about you is incorrect, incomplete or misleading, we will adjust this.

Deregistration of client data:

You, the client may at the written and signed request have your client data at Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) deleted, except for such information that is required so that Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) can maintain good accounting and bookkeeping.



§14. Other

Police Report 

Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) routinely notify the police all scams, fraud, abuse and temperament orders.

Discrepancies between various publications

If there are differences between different publications, the data that has been published later deemed to prevail. This does not apply to information that is clearly incorrect or misleading in a comparison between the different publications.

Intellectual property, logos and trademarks

All materials posted on Xiko.se, including software, logos, audio clips, trademarks and text & images are protected intellectual property. Protection means that the material can not be used without permission, the material may not be copied or otherwise transferred to third parties without Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) expressed permission. Any violations will be prosecuted.


Purpose of information

All information on Xiko.se, regardless of format, is published solely for informational purposes for visitors to be able to use the website. Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) thus not responsible for any consequences or damages that may occur if this information is used for any purpose other than the above.


Cookies "Cookies" are small text files that are saved to the visitor's computer when he or she visits a website. On Xiko.se the following types of cookies are used:

Session cookies: "session cookies" are only saved temporarily on your computer for you to be able to use the site without problems. When you close down the browser saved session cookies are also erased.

Persistent cookies: "Persistent cookies" are stored on your computer and is permanent. Persistent cookies are used for identifying a frequent visitor and sometimes even as a basis for the statistical program. Visitors can manually delete this type of cookie files from their computer. If these files are deleted, including choices made by the visitor of the website they are not saved at your next visit.


In case of dispute it shall be brought before the Stockholm District Court if the client is a trader or any other kind of business representative. If the client is an individual and entered into this Agreement for private consumption the dispute shall be tried in the court as provided by mandatory law. In the event that a case is tried in Consumer Complaints Board Savetime Sweden AB (XIKO) will follow the Board's decision

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