Stefan is working at the police dept but brings his camera every time he is not working. He capture a lot of sites in and around Stockholm - sometimes in collaboration with photographer Marianne Eliasson. His most popular photo with XIKO ART is the amazing Fiat 500 - a photo taken in Milan Italy..


Photo credit profile picture: Marianne Eliasson, Melia Photo

Morning Glory (SA022)
Stockholm Ström (SA002-01)
Stockholm Ström (SA002-02)
Stockholm Ström (SA002-03)
Avenyn (SA021)
La macchina rossa (SA006)
La macchina blu (SA015)
Il vecchio tram (SA007)
Old friend (SA020)
Love (SA019)
Never again (SA017)
Urban mirror (SA014)
Take your seat (SA013)
Red and ready (SA010)
The Oueens sister (SA012)
That is the question (SA009)
Kings heart (SA008)
Riddarfjärden (SA003)
Djurgårdskanalen (SA001)