XIKO ART support Regnbågsfonden

Time to introduce the project/organization XIKO ART is going to support during the coming 3 months.

We have this time chosen Regnbågsfonden - a non profit supporting HBTIQ organizations and individuals around the world, preferably in countries where ”rainbow people” are persecuted and harassed by the authorities, police and religious institutions.

For the moment Regnbågsfonden is doing an extra effort to help gay people from Chechnya. Homosexuals in Chechnya are according to information tortured, killed and buried alive. Those who manage to escape to Moscow need urgent assistance with food and accommodation. They managed to raise almost 1 M SEK during their first day - there are many people with a big heart out there. Contragulations on your good work!

If you live in Sweden and want to contribute som extra money please Swish 123 900 55 21 - mark your contribution with "Tjetjenien".

For each sold plexiography XIKO ART donate 100 SEK to their amazing work!

XIKO ART in media


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