Product ID: MET009.   Artist: Vasily Kandinski (Christian Bergenstråhle)


The original painting "Improvisation 27 - garden of love" was made by Vasily Kandinski (1866-1944), 1912.  This updated design is made by Christian Bergenstråhle.


70 years after an artist dies the copyright automatically goes to the owner of the piece. The copyright of this artwork has been set free by the museum who owns it and through Creative Commons.


This is a plexiography offered in 4 sizes. This version has a limited edition of 200 pieces per size. It it delivered with a certificate of authenticity that tells you which number in the series it has. 


Mounting devices are included in the price (if you choose 4 drilled holes). Also shipping within Sweden is always included in the price. For international shipping please send us an email to get an accurate price quote -

Colorful landscape (Historical Art)