Per is part of our "Art in Art-concept" - where we actually collaborate with a designer of some kind and offer his designs as photo art. Per Benjamin is one of the best florists in Sweden and is travelling the world inspiring and teaching people about the amazing world of flowers. He has also been responsible for all the flower decorations during banquet of the Nobel Price Ceremony in Stockholm for the past two years.

Fructus Vitus (PB005)
Orange (PB007)
Spinning Gloriosa, Craspedia (PB004)
Liatris (PB008)
Iceflowers (PB009)
Lamprocapnos spectabilis (PB003)
Paphiopedilum (PB011)
Frittilaria persica (PB010)
Cattleya (PB001)
Phalaenopsis (PB002)