Syria (Sweden)

Khaled is a graphic designer and artist originally from Syria but now living in Sweden.  After graduating from the university of fine art, he was always seeking his own perspective of art, under a slogan: "Change the way you see everything". In his work you can always translate the artwork into more than one idea.


XIKO ART are happy offer Khaleds work and translate your own images/photos into his art. You may choose one of 3 different styles - pop, dots och blocks. Background colors may be of your own choice. If you want LED light behind black background is the most effective though, since only the image will be lit.

Price (incl artwork, print & mounting devices):

Small: 3.500 SEK

Medium: 4.900 SEK

Large: 8.900 SEK

XL: 13.900 SEK

Example of artwork and styles