In 2016 Swedish artist Karin Holmström took the big step in quitting her ordinary job to focus 100% on her art. We are totally convinced this was the best step she could take. She paints in a way where you easilly can see it's HER art - even though it sometimes can be an animal and other times amazing Stockholm views. Karin has fast become one of our most popular artists.

Flow (KH019)
Think Pink (KH018)
Tiger (KH017)
Globen (KH016)
Elephant Feeling (KH014)
Riddarholmen (KH012)
Colorful Stockholm (KH013)
We belong here (KH011)
Att följa sin väg (KH010)
Rör inte min kompis (KH006)
Utsikt från skrapan (KH004)
Running Elephant (KH001)
Norr Mälarstrand (KH005)
Hantverkargatan (KH003)