Which choices do you have to make?


...some tips for you!

There are a few choices you have to make when you order from us. Here we will try to explain a few of the steps for you. If you can not find the answer to your question - feel free to contact us directly christian@xiko.se

1. You can find the art directly through the webshop where you can filter the options to only display what you are interested in. You can also find a specific artist/photographer directly through the top menu and find their pieces under their presentation.

2. When you find something you like you have to make a few decisions:

- size (most art are offered in 4 sizes)

- frame. Here you have two choices. You can either get the image printed all the way out (bleed) or you can have a transparent border ("plexiframe"). Below you see the different options. If you want to use a LED-plate behind we do recommend to choose the plexiframe since you otherwise will get a darker shadow in the edges.




Mounting devices are included in the price since this is standard.


- drilled holes. If you want your art mounted on the wall we do recommend 4 drilled holes. If you prefer to hang it in a window or from the ceiling we recommend 2 holes. If you want to place it standing on a shelf OR if you want to get it framed somewhere you also have the option to choose 0. We do NOT recommend to drill holes later at home though since it might destroy the art.