By a Swedish contact in Italy we were recommended to check out the art of Giuliano Grittini. Just loved his way to create art by adding several layers. His iconic portraits differ from most portraits you have ever seen. You can see that he is from the same era as Andy Warhol and others, but here it's a mix of faces, poetry, music...just love it!

Marilyn Hong Kong (GG018)
David (GG004)
La lettura (GG001)
Multa d'Artista (GG012)
Batman (GG013)
Mick Jagger Aston (GG010)
Prince (GG009)
Marilyn Namber (GG011)
Dolce Vita (GG008)
Cristian (GG005)
Marilyn e la Moda (GG003)
Sofia (GG002)