Fröken Ella is using a lot of color in her paintings - and they automatically give you a lot of energy. She has among other things painted a series with a fashion doll who visit different fashion cities; New York, London, Paris, Stockholm among others. Fröken Ella quite recently gave art her full attention - and we are happy to have her art with XIKO.

Read more on her own website and check out her art below

Come play with me (AA028)
Guard me tonight (AA029)
I believe in Unicorns (AA030)
STHLM empty streets (AA021)
Las Vegas baby (AA022)
So Be - Purple skies (AA027)
Venetian dreams (AA018)
London London (AA019)
Mais oui (AA010)
Bright signs (AA001)
Wild times (AA025)
Relax release (AA023)
Welcome to my jungle (AA024)
Waiting on one leg (AA026)
Summer lovin (AA005)
The keys (AA003)
Still it was calm (AA004)
Ladies night (AA016)
Unwind my mind (AA014)
Masquerade (AA002)
Happy (AA012)
Dreams light and bright (AA013)
Something uncompleted still (AA015)