One of the first artists who joined XIKO ART. Fredrik often paint abstract art where the clients usually find their own interpretations. He is based in Sweden but has an international background and have lived in both Buenos Aires and on Ibiza. His art often include a lot of colors and many emotions. 

Life is like a River (FO035)
The Secret (FO004)
Face of the searching man (FO028)
Esperando (FO003)
VIP (FO022)
Pink Dreams (FO029)
Release (FO034)
City of Love (FO019)
The trust (FO018)
Future of tenzing (FO017)
The walk (FO016)
Wall of miracles (FO015)
The Golden tower (FO013)
Tusen och en natt (FO014)
Dreams (FO012)
Eternity (FO011)
The unforgettable (FO010)
Lime (FO008)
Modern Family (FO006)
The sleeping lake (FO005)