This amazing artist is the reason why XIKO ART exist. Catrine is a Swedish artist who is impossible not to love. Her creativity and personality make her art exceptional. Her most popular pieces offered by XIKO ART are the icon portraits. Among her customers we can find several prominent people, among others the Swedish Royal Family - her portraits of the king and queen can be seen at the Royal castle in Stockholm.

To read more about Catrine: 

Thåström (CN095)
Barack (CN005)
Oprah (CN018)
Troskungen Oscar II (CN007)
Mr Starman (CN091)
Dunken (CN072)
Jesus (CN063)
Wild Queen (CN069)
Mirror (CN068)
Absolutely Overloaded (CN052)
Marlon Brando (CN045)
Don't go for second best (CN019)
Nude man (CN051)
Oscar in the eye (CN055)
One, Two, Three (CN033)
Who am I? (CN013)
Reflection (CN032)
Marie Antoinette (CN003)
Pimp myself (CN001)
Elvis (CN024)
Purple Lines (CN025)
Bruce the Boss (CN020)
Anyone there? (CN006)
Bob Dylan Square (CN014)
Cherish your mother & father (CN017)
Marylin goes Africa (CN016)
Young Michael (CN011)
Katharine H (CN010)
Master at Work (CN012)
Bob (CN009)
You can do it (CN060)
Nelson (CN085)
It's all about the feeling (CN059)
Single mother searching (CN083)
I remember (CN080)
Elvis II (CN027)
Jackie (CN002)
Racing is life (CN008)
Where is Johnny? (CN004)