Anna is travelling around the world capturing the world of animals and people with her camera. Her photos are amazing and often you can find small details which  makes you understand how complex it is to actually take that perfect photo. Anna has also been involved in the charity organization "Children in Focus" - an organization helping children in Tibet. XIKO ART has been supporting this charity one quarter.

Stairway to heaven (AE023)
Mother Moon (AE022)
True Sadhu (AE019)
Joy (AE016)
Mate (AE015)
Have you got the balls (AE014)
Bagley (AE013)
Strength and determination (AE007)
Dulce de leche (AE012)
Overlooking the savannah (AE011)
Wise Sadhu (AE010)
Adventure (AE009)
Who are you? (AE008)
Newar Bungamati (AE002)
Resting (AE006)
What are you waiting for? (AE004)
Blackeyes (AE001)
Choose your path (AE005)